Durian addiction and optimal health

Durian addiction is real, and unlike any other addiction, it is neither dangerous, nor detrimental to health.

Quite the opposite. Durians are great for health. They contain many vitamins, even of the B category that otherwise is common only in meats, not in plant-derived food.

Thus, durians are the healthiest food for vegetarians to eat. And not just for vegetarians.

Contrary to what the taste sensation of fresh durians may make believe, durians are not a high-fat diet. There is zero cholesterol, and the fatty acids that durians store are all of the monounsaturated kind that actually reduces cholesterol and heart atrack risk in those eating durian.

Furthermore, the addiction to durian is not physical like the addictions to opium, tobacco, or even just coffee. If you are addicted to durians and stop eating, there is no high or low pulse, no sweating, no restlessness, no wake-sleep disturbance, no other withdrawal symptoms.

Days without durians just feel like days without a beloved spouse. Something is missing in your life, but physically, you are just the same.

There isn't anything dangerous about durians as long as you don't mix durian consumption with alcohol and keep quantities within the boundaries of civilized eating. In Southeast Asia, children as young as 3 eat durians, and they love it, and don't fall ill.

Durian addicts want to eat durian everyday, and are quite prepared to not consume standard meals when durians are available. This is just fine. No other single food in the world provides such completeness of nutrients.

However, to find durian year-round is a serious challenge, because throughout Southeast Asia, durians are in season only for a few months per year.

The obvious solution to this dilemma is provided by Sumatra Pasak Bumi in the form of desiccated durian flakes.

These flakes can be transported and stored for several month, and they provide the full durian taste.

An additional advantage of the durian flakes is that they have been smell-filtered. This makes durian consumption possible in environments that normally prohibit durian consumption, or where eating durian would otherwise be inappropriate because of the fruit's obnoxious smell.

Furthermore, the fact that our durian flakes are smell-filtered, as well as the reduced weight, makes it possible for us to ship durians worldwide, with prices in a range affordable to a large spectrum of consumers.

Durian addiction and optimal health

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Here are our durian order options:

Durian flakes, 360 grams (produced from 12 kg fresh durian) – $120 US dollars

Durian flakes, 720 grams (produced from 24 kg fresh durian) – $216 US dollars

Durian flakes, 1440 grams (produced from 48 kg fresh durian) – $388 US dollars

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